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A Biblical View of Christian Submission Within Family Relationships (part 2)

Aug 20, 2017 by: Jack Jenkins| Series: Ephesians

Sermon Notes:



1. First, is the MATTER of submission. (v. 22a)

2. Second, is the MANNER of submission. (v. 22b)


3. Third, is the MOTIVE for submission. (v. 23a)

     False motives - erroneous notions of what submission is not!

     1) A wife does not submit because she is inferior.

     2) A wife does not submit only when she feels her husband has "earned" her submission.

     3) A wife does not submit in order to manipulate her husband to get what she wants.

     4) A wife is not required to submit unconditionally. (She cannot be required to sin by him.)

     So what are the motives for a Christian wife to submit to her husband?

     The first motive is that a wife's submission to her husband is her acceptance of God's design for the marriage.

     The second motive for a wife's submission is that it is a remedy to the cursed effects of sin in the marriage relationship.

     The third motivation for a wife's submission is the powerful witness it gives the gospel.

4. Fourth, is the MODEL of submission. (vv. 23b-24)

     First, submission fosters agreement rather than struggle.

     Second, submission is a powerful testimony to unbelieving husbands.

     Third, submission is blessed and rewarded by Christ.


Note: we had a minor technical difficulty that caused us to lose part of the intro. of the sermon recording but it has been figured out. If there was any confusion as to the layout of the notes, they have been provided to help make clear.